If God is dead, what then?

Perhaps, just perhaps, it all started from the act of doubting when maybe, they were in some way enthused and inspired by the great logician, Peter Abelard challenged “The road of wisdom is doubting. For if you doubt, you…

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If God is dead, what then?

Perhaps, just perhaps, it all started from the act of doubting when maybe, they were in some way enthused and inspired by the great logician, Peter Abelard challenged “The road of wisdom is doubting. For if you doubt, you inquire”—- alike to “1Sapere Aude” of Kant. Whilst I individually assert that to be inquisitive is necessary that we should never fear to question, as such, never question to fear. Be curious and sceptic but not judgemental and cynical.

What can you find in this surrounding is doubtful and always in the state of flux. “Doubt everything your senses reveal to you. Everything is doubtful”. Our senses vary from one person to another and the object of sensed are subject to change—- all things are susceptible, subject to inaccuracy. Reality is nothing but an illusion, nothing else. Reality not just disappoints us but often deceives us. People were disappointed and thought they were deceived by things behind and beyond the authenticity of an-other-hidden Being.

The death of God has already been proclaimed several centuries ago. The beginning of the 19th century, the academy of atheism was actually on the programme. The epoch of religion where it becomes irrelevant and “unworthy of belief”, maybe the reason, many of us no longer sense that we’re surrounded by the unseen2. The culture of science teaches us to focus our attention of the physical and material world in front of us. However, the sense of the ‘numinous’ is so basic to religion. More, the soaring – innovative technology and sciences were founding an archetypal ghost of unbreakable control, an autonomy and dependent less so; the independence of God was the effect. Philosophers, metaphysician, scientist and other forged philosophies and scientific interpretations of reality which later, upshot to no place for God. He has already become unfathomable to a growing quantity of individuals of the modern era, and has become less straightforward importance—-outmoded.

To raise a question; If God is dead, so what? Really, what can you create if there’s God forever? The demise God’s baffling authority is cultural phenomenon brought about by man’s rising sense of dominion and independence. Saying, if everything is predetermined by God’s will, what’s human freedom anyway? So, the necessity of assassinating God is not fallacious but well-founded?

It’s not until college when I startlingly feel the same way towards becoming a sceptic. Having comrades, discreet or not, doing blasphemy. A more-or-less 3 hour’s session of transitory deficiency of the presence of the other- Higher teacher once a week of over eight spontaneous semesters during my tenure in college, listening to a former students of the academy of God, former almost-priests and a former believer of Catholicism. The phase of my life I temporarily, very fleeting, hampered my unhinged and shakeable, fragile and unpredictable foundation of my acquaintance to God. The phase of my life I felt my faith in God quietly glide away. I wrestled and even punch him to death yet I was knocked- out.

Being brought up by a classic religious parents, more than ever my much-loved mother suffice to say that it persists me to be one of the children you could see in the facade of the sacrosanct altar serving reverend priest and more importantly our primordial father, a voice you’ll pay attention in the singing group of a catholic church and opted to study in private-catholic school here in our region. I could still retain such information those blissful, holy, and occasionally tongue-tied moments. Such moment in my life occurred that certainly I won’t forget something to put in a treasure chest.

I had hundred of numbers about the story of religious belief but less-strong faith in God. If truth be told hell has stronger impact than God alone to me. I thought I exerted enough effort to be the religious person I can. I attended masses regularly, novena, first Friday of the month, especially occasion etc. Every month of October, the so-called block rosary month, we utter that prayer repeatedly every night of that month. We practices Catholicism principle etc. Thus, my childhood was touched by religion and not by God. When we’re child we just accept whatever they teach, since your parents forced you to attend the mass and if you failed to comply, punishments awaits. As a child, you’ll obey. And as the human mind progresses one abandon childish fairytale and illusions and soon independency because you’re planning to build your own, starts of relying what is ‘factual’.

Joining the choir was not mandatory, it seems however that it was, all my closest friends were there and I don’t want to be eccentric. To be an altar girl wasn’t my choice also. I was seemingly forced by my mom. Spending most of my days at catholic school was just staying outside the vicinity of our house. However, it was my preference to study there because I don’t want to study at my mom’s school. Meaning, whatever my religious life was, was all mendaciousness and infidelity to supernatural being.

The world is a pitiless and triangular battlefield. Our life is an everyday struggle to continue the unfinished struggle. The world has hierarchy, existed from the time immemorial. Since, the world has only three sides and has layers you wanted nothing but to be on top. Believing it is ethical somehow, it is good. Because to be brave is good.

Gazing back in my childhood experiences, I just decided to attach the poem, if it would like a poem, I composed few years ago.

SOUGHT REVERIE I was brought up in a religious family Praying at night listening to homily At first I’m quite fascinated with those things When a thought arrived that almost changed my being.   I was fifteen when I decided to enter the convent Initially I’m rest assured that this was my heart meant With hope and full enthusiasm my spirit is packed But something is telling me to look back   All things were beyond to what I’ve expected Sleepless nights and disturbance was not intended The adjustment I’ve encountered weren’t that easy After all I realize that this is not for me.

Maybe, I am up to something. Maybe, I am to somewhere. Maybe I am for someone. Maybe I am not what I am. Maybe I am in other’s reverie. Maybe I am on my way to thee.

I don’t know, I really don’t. Maybe, the reason why God doesn’t seem (so) real to them is because they haven’t got enough faith. They see the need not to give God a life for they believe God must not have life anymore. They killed their God so early. Maybe, a Latin American Theologian, Luis Segundo was right when he concluded in his book Our Idea of God as I quote “ Our notion of God must never ceases to travels which the road from atheism to faith. Because a person cannot say that he has found God if he stops searching for him, he can only have found a caricature of God.” Maybe, what they found is a mere replica of God or worst a bogus silhouette of him.

In my own not-so long expenditure in knowing God, I believe that one cannot know God in a snap, abruptly. One rather needs immense effort, open heart and mind, acceptance and love to know, believe and be a good follower of him. “The best things are never arrived in haste. God is no hurry. His plans are never rushed.” In fact, God’s peace is perfect, so perfect.

While, the existence and authenticity of God is always been a frenzied problem to many. We must accept that it can never be resolve with finality. As long as, there’s no hard-tangible evidence that will warrants his existence. God, will always be, as what it always been be a wanderer in the realm of the cavern of kingdom of fairytales and mystery of faith. Which is good? For, the more you give him an image and features the more he loses his self to other’s belief.

Still, God doesn’t merely exist. He lives. Somehow, he makes himself hidden or we make him hidden. He is silent if man will just shut up. “If God doesn’t exist it would be necessary to invent him” for man will always live in the veil of tears. In times of burdens and sadness that’s when people need to shut up. Not-so-good so-called natural phenomena and other crises are the infallible signs of the presence of God. That is, in the case of human, ‘suffering and pain become the motivating force to know God’ and make him known. We need him always but we want him just some times.

To me, he’s still a ghost. A ghost that never fails to reminds me that I must love my neighbour. That whoever’s hungry I must feed him. I must give someone a drink whenever he’s thirsty. To be hospitable, accept even a complete stranger, he needs help too. And put dress to unclothed body. And that’s when a ghost will be an angel to me. And we all need an angel. And just like the knowledge we have to angels, He is staring at every moment and counting on us. An angel who loves us, he loves us with an everlasting love. A provider angel who’ll meet all our needs, who can do more than we could possibly imagine. An angel who’ll comfort us whenever we’re in trouble. Closer when we’re broken hearted, an angel who won’t stop doing good to us. Who’ll wipe the entire tear from our eyes, who’ll take away the pain we’ve suffered on this earth. An angel who gave up everything he loved so that he could/might gain our love. An angel, father and a ghost.

To be a Christ-like is to choose my neighbour. It a serious commitment to people especially to those who are oppressed, exploited and marginalized. To make an option for the poor is to make an option for Jesus. For Jesus devoted all his lifetime and all his matchless ability and energies to the suffering poor. “I tell you whenever you refused to help one of these least important ones, you refused to help me” (Matthew 25:45) To love and help others. For the message of Christ has “love as the principal virtue, motivation and constituent of goodness. The love has to be operative, effective and creative. Love bridges the gaps, tends to unite, to build solidarity and brotherhood. Love shares, is self-sacrificial and other-centred. In this sense, love is radical; it does not compromise with injustice, corruption, waste and unconcern for others. It is active, tenacious and even ferocious when loved one is in danger”

To quote John 10:34 “Jesus said, It is written in Law by God that you are God” I am a God. God who possesses braveness and strength. God with weighty ardour and doggedness. God with never-ending dream and struggle, for the alternative social order that is more just, more humane, more compassionate, democratic and free.

It’s hard to be a Christian. Just the thought that you’ll be like Christ is a suffocating challenge. Many people hate Christianity because they recognize it as unlike Christ. I believe, ‘The best way to show Jesus is through you. For the other bible that the other people read is the other-Christ, who lives in us. The fact that Jesus did not come to ask semi divine human beings to do what is unfeasible; he wants us to live with the full implications of our being instead. That is far more demanding. He wants us to do what is probable. He did not expect us to behave as what he did but as we ought to. And we ought to care for others, his children and our neighbours. We ought to love Him first though.

October 22, 2012; TRY

Insisted myself to stay awake (yawning) Despite that it’s already morning Just have to write and tell my story About my day, feelings, behavior; uncanny and snuggery.

Started my day as early as 6am Went to San Andres to accomplish my aim To attend the Youth Congress ‘till afternoon It’s like watching the sun embracing the moon

It’s a Catholic gathering, majority are youth First ever experienced Latin Mass; it soothed. Also there was an adoration and vocation Amazed by the students who are ready for that mission.

Today is the beautification of San Pedro He really made proud he’s fellow Filipino Second Saint hailed from this mother land Through them Pinoys are bond.

A beautiful nun seated parallel to us Stared, smiled and started to ask Have you confessed already? What a great scenario, so jammy.

A nun holding a rosary in his right hand Foreign, Princess, an Australian Enlightened and stirred by her story Recognized life is still full of mystery.

When in doubt, just take the next small step Just like what she reminds, TRY and someone will help You’ll never know if you don’t try But right now, not ready to say good bye.